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Elephant And Rabbit As Told By Skib Bricluster

Elephant And Rabbit As Told By Skib Bricluster

T. A. Young

Savvy Rabbit and naive Elephant are the most endearing fictional duo since Tom and Huck. Philosophers without peer, they ponder everything from the existential dilemma of a particular snowflake to how to get a whale out of a river and back to the fjords (oh, wait: they really did that). They meet a drooling panther with an old grudge, a chicken with an inferiority complex, and Elephant’s mother, who has come to reclaim her son. Can the friendship of Elephant and Rabbit withstand these pressures? And when they face a Tier II dragon, can Rabbit hide his eye roll? 

Young’s incomparable wit and depth will make you laugh out loud and leave you​ pondering.  Illustrated by Theodore Gallmeyer.

But who are they, really?  “They are Sancho and Don Quixote, Laurel and Hardy, Vladimir and Estragon, Hope and Crosby…friends, brothers, hosts to all visitors to the magical forest; tour guides to eternity…”

author T.A. Young