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The Fairy Tale Book of Bifford C. Wellington

The Fairy Tale Book  of Bifford C. Wellington

T. A. Young

‚Äč”These stories. True? Not true? Eh! Does it even matter? Only that the matter is in the matter. And I have no idea what I mean by that.”

Pico Kafka (author of The Trinity of Stooges)

Birds become trees, and trees, birds; stars and old men change positions as easily as changing seats.

Welcome to the fantastical world of The Fairy Tale Book of Bifford C. Wellington, a collection of stories from the elusive T. A. Young. The usual hierarchy of fairy tale characters is gone – all have their say, and we relish the words equally for their wisdom and silliness. But who is Bifford C. Wellington? Who really wrote these stories? Does it matter? We find out at the end of the book…or do we?

Among the tales: an aardvark has an accidental encounter with a seamstress, Horace the Frog heads west to find his story, and a critical snail offends The Number Three. Lyrical, profound, and very funny. Illustrated by Theodore Gallmeyer.